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Picture Me...on a good day.

The subject for the portrait in the video is a very good friend and former working partner Amy Brown. She is a qualified Occupational Therapist and was very key in the development of the portraits as a creative way to engage positively with folk who found themselves in extreme and difficult places.

The album will be released early 2019 and is called

"It's Time She Said".


Picture Me is an initiative that will be free of charge to all those families with children involved in the palliative care of a hospice.

Please visit Picture Me - About to find out more of the background behind this initiative.

Below is a music video from my latest album under the name of Sir Silence and Lady Hush. The lady in question is my amazingly talented wife Rachel Taylor-Beales.

Living On Concrete.


The lyrics from this track were the result of many hours spent in the company of people who were patients at a hospice. We spent a lot of time discussing all manner of things about life and remembering good days.  I was doing a creative arts project at the time looking at relaxation and creating painted images. However I was struck very profoundly by some the phrases I heard and went away to write the song you will see and hear below.

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